About NDG

NDG Objectives

NVision Development Group (NDG) Development Group (NDG) is a California-based real estate and business development company focused on creating innovative real estate-based concepts world-wide. From location-specific projects to concepts that can be applied over a wide target area, NDG strives to take ideas that stand on their own merit and enhance them by using focused and creative “think-tank” strategies to create a synergistic product that is more than the sum of its parts.

The company draws upon decades of design and business development experience and combines the two creating results that push the envelope regarding what can be accomplished with any particular set of resources.

While the company primarily focuses on in-house concepts, NDG is also available to apply its resources to a limited number of outside projects.

Our mission is to develop real estate concepts that set industry standards for innovation, quality and sustainability, while also fulfilling the primary needs of the public at large.