Dream Shangai

The Dream Shanghai town development harkens back to the Golden Age of Chinas Famous City. The program and design elements provide guests with a glimpse of Shanghai’s most exciting period, the era which lead to Shanghai becoming the cultural, Industrial, and Artistic Icon it is today.

The site encompasses 3 major resort hotels, various boutique hotels, Yang Jing Bang style canal hotels and villages, event plazas and facilities, marketplaces, shopping, dining, spa, medical treatments, art and music schools, nature attractions, special art installations, nightlife, and a state of the art conference facility, the Oriental Palace, the crown jewel of Dream Shanghai.

Visitors will travel by water, on foot, in magic Rickshaw, classic electric cars, and vintage electric trolleys. Intertwined though out the resort are installations of art that educate about history, people, the cultures that created Shanghai, and the many attractions, events, and experiences one can have at Dream Shanghai.

Location: Sheshan National Tourist Resort, 30 kilometers from central Shanghai.
Scale: 215,148 Square Meters
In partnership with: Lingshan Group

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