Farm Boy Kitchen

Farmboy Kitchen is ready to feed you. It does so in an Nvision created open-air dining room outfitted with slick concrete floors, handmade wood tables, stark white subway tiles, reclaimed wood, and design craftsmanship, the perfect setting for a roster of dishes that are at once complex creations and comfort food. Central in the heart of Hollywood, Farm Boy Kitchen begins a revitalization effort, energizing an, out of date, retail center with crisp fresh design and delicious, nutritious food.
Chef Hunter Fox puts his farm upbringing to work in crafting a menu with enough variation to keep guests coming back week after week, or perhaps even more frequently. Fresh, local ingredients are stars of the menu, skillfully showcased in hearty sandwiches, sizeable salads and side dishes that skirt the line between grandma’s down-home cooking and classic California cuisine.

Location: Hollywood CA, USA.
Scale: 620 Square Meters
An Nvision Development Group Project with Chef Hunter Fox

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