Gardens of Light

The “Gardens of Light” is a mixed use education and entertainment based destination situation adjacent to the holy city of Medina. In addition to accommodating pilgrims, it is programmed to educate, entertain, serve the Islamic community, and enlighten visitors of other faiths about Islam.

A cross-section of the best of everyday life, across the Islamic world, The Gardens of Light, on the upper level, consists of a collection of hotels and apartments, galleries, cafés, stores and restaurants, as well as a traditional souk, punctuated by a series of Islamic gardens, each a masterpiece of classic Islamic design.

Woven like a ribbon though the gardens is the “River of Light”. The River of Light offers a magical and transformative experience, designed to explain the beliefs, rituals and history of Islam and the accomplishments of its civilization.

The experience consists of a series of pavilions that combine the insight of a world-class museum, the accessibility of Epcot Center, or a World’s Fair, and the gracious hospitality of Islamic life. It aims to evoke a profound feeling for the “mystery of God’s creation and a deeper sense of commitment to the life that Islam demands”. It will educate, entertain, illuminate and inspire its many visitors.

Location: City of Medina, Saudi Arabia.
Scale: 250,000 Square Meters
In partnership with: Alireza Group and VisionMaker

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