Lotte World Trade Center

The Observation Deck should serve as an unrivaled observation venue and spectacular sightseeing opportunity.
When visitors come to Seoul’s Lotte World Trade Tower Observatory they will see more than a grand view of the city. They will experience an elevating look beyond all boundaries, from the physical horizons that stretch out to the four corners of the Earth to the invisible frontiers of time that reach from the distant past to a future that’s yet to be built.

The Tower is both a product and a celebration of Korea’s history, culture, and capabilities. Its observation decks present all who visit with a chance to remember the traditions that have shaped the country and its people, and laid the foundation for all it has achieved. Visitors have the opportunity to see what’s next, to glimpse – and perhaps be inspired to create – the bright future that lies ahead.

“Sky123 Observation Deck” will be located on the 123rd Floor of the Lotte World Tower and is due to open in December, 2016. 2.3 million annual attendees are expected.
The interior design features a Ribbon of Light that permeates though out the exhibit. The ribbon represents history, enlightenment, and the future of South Koreas progressive people.
The program includes art galleries, exhibit halls, observations decks, a glass floored sky deck, lounge, restaurant, and media exhibits.

Location: Seoul, Korea.
Scale: ~5,500 Square Meters
In partnership with: Lotte and The Hettema Group

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