Oceana Discovery Island

Rising next to the Pearl, Discovery Island is a world-class resort and entertainment destination devoted to the wholehearted exploration of our planet’s living seas. In addition to world-class entertainment, shopping, dining, and accommodations, it will offer an unprecedented range of ocean going adventures and activities, designed to inspire visitors of all ages with a passion for the ocean and the life within it.

From lounging on the beach, to snorkeling and cave diving, to face-to-face encounters with ocean predators, Discovery Island offers guests every imaginable aquatic experience, real and digital. Starting from an authentic desert oasis, guests enter breath-taking biomes, including florid rainforests with their surging river torrents, lands locked in arctic ice, and sunless caverns deep below the waves, where you’ll meet strange, luminous creatures that never see the light of day.

Inspired by the graceful forms of shells and sleek ocean rays, the resort’s all-white architecture is all sweeping curves and smooth organic shapes, punctuated by lush gardens, tumbling waterfalls and service towers as delicate as lace like coral.
The design and execution represent the perfect marriage of sustainable, natural materials and stunning hi-tech design.

Location: Pearl Development, Qatar.
Scale: 372,310 Square Meters
In partnership with: HDC Qatar and VisionMaker

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