Spirit of Tea Traveling Exhibit

The evolution of tea though out the history of China parallels the complex story of her people. Tea was present in every moment of their past and endures into the future as cultural staple and a core of ritual and icon of civilization. The Spirt of Tea endures.

This reconfigurable 6000 m2 traveling exhibit presents the aspects of tea, tea culture, and the people that the cultivation of tea (and the rituals surrounding it) have touched, though the artistry of Matthew London. The exhibit consists of a historic plaza, majestic tea house, 5 exhibit pavilions, masters temple, and gift center, all nestled in an abstract forest of bamboo.

The exhibit will travel throughout Chinas Major cities, celebrating the spirit and culture of Tea though art, music, shared moments, and hot tea.

Location: Traveling Exhibit in China
Scale: 6,175 Square Meters (In rectangular format)
In partnership with: Matthew London

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