Who We Are

Michael Echols
Mike holds degrees from UCLA and Cal State Polytechnical University, Pomona. In addition he has completed the Ross Minority/Real Estate certificate program with the USC Marshall School of Business.

Highlights of Mike’s experience include the conceptualization and capitalization of the Magdeburg-Cochstedt International Airport in the Sachsen-Anhalt region of Germany in 2005. This international cargo airport, which serves Germany, Greece and Russia in a vertically integrated strategy to move perishable goods throughout the region.
Mike has consulted with the city of Los Angeles and its various business improvement district, his master plan concepts have been approved and endorsed by both the Graduate School and South Park Business improvement District.In 1989 Mike worked with ClubCorp as service and eventually creating director at the City Club Los Angeles. He then took that experience in the nonprofit sector as fitness director and Executive Director with the Hollywood Wilshire YMCA.

Mike has spent the last several years creating new standard for active affordable living with the City of Los Angeles as well as generating innovative new concepts for retail, entertainment and hospitality venues worldwide.

Lawrence Nelson
Holds degrees in industrial Design and Design Education. He is an accomplished and acclaimed artist and architectural designer who has lent his extraordinary talents to an impressive number of projects and a long list of clients, spanning the last 28 years.

Widely known as one of the most gifted designers working in entertainment design today, Lawrence is efficient at applying his skills to all phases of the develompent process. From inital inspiration, full concept, branding and program design, through the advanced stages of implementation, problem solving and logistics.
Lawrence’s unique ability to conceptualize three-dimensional spaces and to understand how the public will experience them in unparalleled.

Lawrence’s skills, include: master planning, sketching, creating eye-catching presentations, program oversight, art directing teams and even the development of brand identity and marketing strategies. He has applied these skills to a broad spectrum of industries including: film, animation, architecture, retail, hospitality, products, toys, transportation and live entertainment.

Tim Towery
Mr. Towery received his BS degree in business from California State University, Bakersfield. After working in the garment and product industries for 8 years, he moved on to the home building industry. Project managing the finance and accounting of approximately 1200 homes per year in 20 different states has allowed him to improve his skills not only in accounting and finance, but also in project managment. With these experiences in hand, Mr. Towery began working in the entertainment and hospitality industries. He has managed the design, development and sales of projects ranging from hotels and restaurants to theme parks and entertainment venues.

Working in such a high volume and rapid pace has allowed Mr. Towery to develop superior organization, communication and managment skills. He possesses the ability and experience to manage multi-million dollar investment with acute accuracy while protecting the investments of his clients.

Louis Werbe
Lou attended the University of Arizona where he studied Classic Architecture and Literature. Immediately after college he formed a successful residential development company with his father in which they developed 17 acres of residential properties in Malibu, Ca. He then took his talents and passions to the corporate sector where he fine-tuned his skills through the rigors of the corporate challenge as part of the J.P. Morgan Real Estate team.

Lou is now a Project Executive with high-level experience driving rebranding and localization efforts and ability to enhance product expansion on national and global scale. Strategic in nature and exceptional ability to counsel Senior Leadership on emerging project priorities and drive business initiatives. Lou has been recognized by top Fortune 500 Companies such as J.P Morgan, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Verizon for data informed leadership of design surrounding project demographics, key audience, length of use, and trending versus classic design elements.

Lou holds the highest competency of creating and transforming space to effectively integrate brand and marketing strategy without sacrificing space efficiency; offers collaborative approach to design, ensuring appropriate blend of multiple brand strategies. Lou has led design and implementation sponsorship deals with Madison Square Garden, LA Forum, Radio City Music Hall, New Meadowlands, Beacon Theater, and Chicago Theater, along with professional sports teams in NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB.